Majority of Americans Believe the Accuracy of Biblical Accounts of Easter

A new survey shows the majority of Americans still believe the Biblical account of the empty tomb. 66% of Americans said “biblical accounts of the physical resurrection of Jesus are completely accurate,” a notable proportion considering the ever-increasing secularization of American culture. Lifeway’s “2022 State of Theology” study also found an additional 23% disagree the biblical account unfolded and 11% stated they’re unsure. According to Lifeway, the percentage affirming the resurrection has remained “unchanged since 2018,” and is accepted by majorities in all geographical areas of the nation. In the more secular northeast, 60% affirm the biblical account. And even younger Americans (58%) between 18 and 34 are more prone than not to embrace it. And, for the first time, a majority (51%) said the Bible is “100% accurate in all it teaches,” with 62% seeing the Bible as the most authoritative source for what they hold dear.

Despite these encouraging numbers, other statistics in the study show a confused and apathetic populace regarding Scripture and truth. 40% see modern science as disproving Scripture, with 32% believing God isn’t concerned with their daily decisions. This mixture of findings left author and apologist Rebecca McLaughlin seeing both positive and negative trends — a reality that left her “hopeful” and “heartbroken.” McLaughlin said it was unfortunate to see so many people say they believe in the resurrection yet be so disconnected from church and other faith activities in their daily lives. “This exposes the danger of ‘cultural Christianity’ — the vague assent to Christian beliefs without any evidence of actual faith in Christ,” she said.

Source: Faithwire

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