Is Disney About to Become Less Woke

A change of CEO at Walt Disney may signal that the company wants to move away from its ‘woke’ policies under its former boss. Bob Iger who led Disney for 15 years is back in the top job and expressing regret that the company campaigned against Florida government policies on gender identity and sexuality. He told employees that it was a mistake to publicly oppose a law preventing school officials from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students. Mr. Iger said he was sorry to see Disney staff dragged into that battle. It prompted the Florida government to revoke special rights and privileges for Disney’s theme parks. They had been granted exemptions from many regulations by the Florida Government. Mr. Iger vowed to work to “quiet things down” but admitted he didn’t yet have a plan on how he would do that. Disney came under fire under its previous regime for its efforts to incorporate LGBT ideology into children’s programming.

Mr. Iger didn’t specifically indicate any change to that commitment. He said, “one of the reasons Disney’s films have had a meaningful, positive impact is because one of the core values of our storytelling is inclusion, acceptance and tolerance, and we can’t lose that.” The company’s latest animated movie Strange World which features the first openly gay lead character in a Disney film has bombed at the box office. In its first week it grossed just over A$40 million in cinemas worldwide. It needs to gross more than half a billion dollars just to break even. It’s the second animation flop from Disney this year. Toy Story spin-off Lightyear from sister company Pixar has barely broken even and brought in far less cash than previous instalments of the franchise. Earlier polling revealed that 70% of Americans considered themselves less likely to do business with Disney after learning of the company’s LGBT activism.

Source: Vision Christian Media

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