A Christian university in America has been speaking of a significant move of God taking place at its Kentucky campus. Asbury University has been the site of continuous prayer and worship for more than 7 days following an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It’s thought to have started following one young man’s confession of sin at the campus chapel following a service – which lead to people joining a meeting which to date has not stopped. There have been lines to get in the door of Asbury’s Hughes Auditorium as churches and other campuses have brought busloads of people to join in sharing testimonies, praising God in worship and bringing scripture in the ongoing move. Trevor Baker is the apostolic leader of Christian ministry Revival Fires. He says God is using this ‘awakening’ to lead people to repentance. “I believe there’s a clear sense of God’s presence coming amongst his people. And with that, He is revealing, I believe something of the goodness and the kindness of God.

“Paul says in Romans 2:4 ‘It’s the goodness and the kindness of God, that brings us to a place of repentance.’ We’re seeing this as people are worshipping Him. “They’re just getting delighted with the presence of God again, they’re finding that God is for them, not against them. “They’re beginning to realise that this kindness is leading them into a deeper experience of getting their lives in alignment with his presence. Baker says the fact that this move of God is not led by a particular denomination and has continued now for more than a week raises his expectation. “God has chosen to come into this campus, via a group of young people. Is he preparing us for something? “Asbury university now will give the church a heightened awareness. That when we come together, that there will be this heightened awareness that God’s presence is here with us – not coming, but here with us.

Source: Premier Christian News

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