This is an abridged version of the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch due to it being the annual holiday season. The full bulletin will return on Thursday 2nd February 2023

*  Authorities are closing in on the international drug-smuggling operations of Australia’s most wanted man, Hakan Ayik, and his offsider, the global boss of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang, in Turkey. Rumours are swirling that Duax Ngakuru – a New Zealand-born, Australian-raised drug smuggler recently elevated to international supreme commander of the Comanchero – had been detained by Turkish police. Ayik and Ngakuru, who met in high school in Sydney, were photographed together outside the Kings Cross Hotel in Istanbul, which is owned by Ayik and operates as the headquarters of the Aussie Cartel, a group of Australian drug smugglers and gangsters linked to the Comanchero. Please pray for the successful arrest of these international criminals and their subsequent conviction.

*   This weekend millions of Christians around the world will be praying, on the Lunar / Chinese New Year, for the people of China and the Buddhist World! Let us join many believers from churches and Christian ministries around the globe as we join together to pray for key cities and regions of the Buddhist world. This will be an opportunity to pray alongside other Christians worldwide, exalting Jesus Christ as King throughout the Buddhist world, asking the Lord of the Harvest to send forth labourers to every unreached people group in the Buddhist world!  Please pray especially for families who will gather together to celebrate the Lunar New Year, that they will encounter Jesus in miraculous ways. Many mission organisations this weekend will mark the culmination of 21 days of united worldwide prayer for the Buddhist world.

*    A string of legal actions and reports has exposed casinos, clubs and hotels as effective bankers for crime, undermining efforts by the real banks to protect the financial system. As Governments appear at present to have an appetite for tackling the laundering of money through gambling outlets please pray for continued exposure of such activity in casino’s, clubs and hotels across the nation. Pray for law enforcement agencies to have success in breaking into such activities and arresting the key players who are seeking to cover the tracking of money acquired by illegal means.

*     As we approach Australia Day this year let us pray that it will be a day that unites the nation rather than divides it. With many Indigenous leaders now speaking out in favour of retaining the day on 26th January let us pray that protests will be kept to a minimum and that goodwill will be engendered across all cultures that make the modern Australia the country we are today.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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