This is an abridged version of the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch due to having entered the annual holiday season. The full bulletin will return on Thursday 2nd February 2023

* The harshness of our nation’s climate is again being demonstrated by the various weather conditions being experienced in different parts of Australia. Please pray for those affected by what is said to be the worst floods ever experienced in the Kimberly area of northern Western Australia, which are now moving across the nation to the far north Queensland coast. As an example, Mt Isa is forecast to receive up to 100 millimetres of rain as the rain moves across the nation. Please also pray for those being inundated by floodwaters in Menindee (far western NSW) and Broken Hill. Please also pray for those in South Australia who are being warned of possible extreme bushfire conditions that could develop in coming days. Please pray for no loss of life and for minimal losses in all situations.

*  Recent events in Queensland (the murder of a women in a home invasion allegedly by youth from a nearby half-way house) and Western Australia (riots within a Youth Detention Centre) have highlighted the critical state of programmes designed to control youth crime across our nation. Whistle-blowers are speaking out criticising Governments for not taking the issue seriously enough and warning that further deaths are inevitable unless drastic action is taken to curb youth crime. The problem is that Governments do not have the answers to changing human nature. This is a serious spiritual issue of human beings living without hope and outside of an environment where they are loved and accepted as sons and daughters of a living God.  Please pray for this complicated situation that has no easy answers outside of introducing these troubled youth to a relationship with Jesus. Please pray accordingly as the Lord leads.

*  Pioneering Australian scientists have moved a step closer to a radical medical intervention that promises to halt the progression of Parkinson’s disease by “recharging the batteries” of brain cells. Research will begin within weeks into a form of gene therapy for Parkinson’s patients that will prevent the degenerative disease process that starves the neurons of energy and leads to cell death. If scientists can show they can provide the brain cells with an alternative continual source of energy that prevents brain cell death, they will have proven Parkinson’s disease can be not only treated, but halted. Please pray that God would guide the researchers to a positive conclusion that will enable the treatment and halting of the progress of this debilitating disease.

*  The Australian arm of climate activist group Extinction Rebellion says it will protest even harder using disruptive tactics to get their point of view across, despite the British wing’s plans to tone down its tactics. Pray that pressure will be brought to bear upon the Australian arm of Extinction Rebellion to forego the braking of the law and the inconveniencing of thousands of people to make their protest points.  Pray that law enforcement agencies will be able to limit the disruptive fallout by protestors and protect the rights of everyday Australians from actions that disrupt their rights of safe passage on our roads and other public infrastructure.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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