This is an abridged version of the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch due to having entered the annual holiday season. The full bulletin will return on Thursday 2nd February 2023.

* With Covid rampaging through China other nations, including Australia, are concerned that new variants could be carried by travellers from China to other parts of the world. Experts and politicians are divided as to how to handle such concerns with health experts also divided as to what is necessary to minimise the risk.  With no clear direction available it is important that fear does not re-establish itself to drive such decisions. Please pray therefore for God’s wisdom to be given to those in authority that the decisions and actions they put in place will be the right ones and that the spread of this virus will be contained, and past actions will not have to be repeated.

*  Let us pray that the trend of many of our large public companies to try and ride the perceived trend of wokeism in their public policy decisions and utterances will be arrested as people backlash against cancel culture and the attempt to replace traditional Christian values with humanistic and atheistic values are recognised and rejected.

*   A report that the Victorian Government has kept secret for two years, but which has finally surfaced, casts doubt over the continuing viability of the state’s workers compensation scheme. The report reveals that premiums have been insufficient to fund the scheme costs for at least 5 years. The report is also critical of government raids on WorkSafe dividends, which has seriously depleted the ability of the scheme to withstand adverse financial outcomes. Please pray for the exposure of this report to force the Victorian Government to take steps to overhaul the scheme so as to bring it back into a financial position that is fit for purpose in the interests of Victorian workers.

*  Let us pray for all those families being affected by holiday accidents on the road, in the surf and in the air. Pray that those who mourn will be comforted and those who have been injured will be healed and recover full health again. Pray also for those who have been mentally damaged by seeing loved ones die.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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