This is an abridged version of the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch due to having entered the annual holiday season. The full bulletin will return on Thursday 2nd February 2023

This week please pray:

*   for those people affected by the delayed flooding of the Murray River in South Australia. Pray for the safety of all people, for minimum destruction of homes, property and livestock and for people to be able to quickly recover once the flood waters recede.

*   for the rental crisis affecting many parts of Australia at present. Pray for wisdom to be given to decision makers so that decisions can be made that will reduce the impact of the crisis. Pray for those affected especially families who are having to live in cars and other makeshift shelters.

*   Early childhood experts believe a whole generation of Australian children could be “developmentally impaired as parents pass on “toxic stress” from Covid lockdowns, natural disasters and economic pressures. Pray for our children, especially those suffering such stress, that they would be able to find help and assistance to face and address such stress. Pray too for many opportunities to be given to Christians to meet up with such children and their parents to give them hope for the future that will lift them out of despair and depression.

*   for New Year celebrations this coming weekend. Pray that celebrations will be violence and injury free and able to be enjoyed by all who participate.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

Printing Instructions:

As this Prayer Watch bulletin is private the standard printing option is not available. If a printed copy is required, you will need to copy the body of the email and paste it into a blank document and print from that document.


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