This is an abridged version of the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch due to having entered the annual holiday season. The full bulletin will return on Thursday 2nd February 2023

This week please pray:

*   for a continuing thawing in relations between Australia and China. Pray also for the release of Australia citizens being held against their will by the Chinese Government and for the lifting of sanctions placed on Australian products.

*   for the apparent conflict that has arisen between the ACT Police Force and the ACT Director of Prosecutions over the Brittany Higgins rape case. Accusations of political and judicial interference has cast a shadow over the case. Pray for truth to be exposed so that justice is not only done but also seen to be done for both the accuser and the accused and for any who may have sought to have influenced the case for ideological or political reasons can also be brought to justice.

*   for the Christmas message of hope and goodwill to all to be boldly proclaimed throughout our nation this Christmas and to be heard by millions who may not fully understand why we celebrate the season as we do

*   for all those taking holidays this Christmas / New Year season. Pray for safety on the roads and on our waterways so that lives are saved, and people return refreshed for another year at School or in the workplace.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

Printing Instructions:

As this Prayer Watch bulletin is private the standard printing option is not available. If a printed copy is required, you will need to copy the body of the email and paste it into a blank document and print from that document.


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