New research reveals that most Americans don’t think moral standards come mainly from the Bible. A study by the Cultural Research Centre at Arizona Christian University surveyed 2,275 US adults and asked them what they would like to see as America’s moral guide. The America’s Values Study found 42% of respondents believe that “what you feel in your heart” is the proper moral compass. It also discovered that 29% of people believe that majority rule is the best way to decipher between right and wrong. Another 29% said biblical principles should have the final say when it comes to morality. However, figures rose to 66% among those who attend evangelical churches when it comes to the Bible having the final say on morality. The survey also asked for people’s thoughts on traditional moral values. 71% of respondents said they support traditional moral values, which include “integrity, justice, kindness, trustworthiness, free expression, and self-control”.

George Barna, director of research at the Cultural Research Centre said people used to get their moral compass from faith. However, the government now seems to have more influence in that area. “The research indicates that people are now more likely to take their moral cues from government laws and policies than from church teachings about biblical principles,” he said.”Americans have historically said that when they elect a president they are choosing a chief executive, not a pastor-in-chief, but that distinction appears to have passed. One could reasonably argue that the nation’s ideas about right and wrong are now more likely to come from the White House and the halls of Congress, than from our houses of worship. “The laws of the land are replacing the laws of God in determining good and evil in America.”

Source: Christian Post

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