After a festival in Tyler Texas saw Satanists and atheists mocking Christianity and performing “un-baptisms”, congregants from the local church gathered in prayer. They were met with taunting and jibing but continued to pray. They say their presence was non-combative, and they weren’t gathering to bash anyone’s religion – they simply wished to pray for those that had gathered against the Christian church. “As a Christian, we’re called to a spiritual battleground, and I think this is an opportunity to exercise our strength in our relationship with Christ,” Lauren Ethredge-Langas, a member at the Church of the Pines, told a local television station. As part of the event, The Satanic Temple charged US$10 to “un-baptise” people. The certificate given to those partaking in the sacrilegious ceremony bares the name of the individual and reads: “All bonds of servitude have been broken. Power and agency have been restored. Thyself is thy master. Hail Satan!”

Source: Premier Christian News

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