What are a child’s best interests? Who should determine them and how? Should a child, their parents, their teachers or the government ?  This issue was raised by Peter Dutton in his recent speech about what our governments have done. “The Education system has allowed ideologically driven advocates too much influence over what is taught to our children. Teaching a sanitised and selective version of history and the arts, and radical gender theory, is not in our children’s best interests.” Most of us believe that learning to read and write is in their best interests, but what about radical gender theory ? Dutton added:  “A Coalition government pledges to work with families to reflect their values and perspectives in our schools.” Most did not hear this most important single line. What are our nation’s values and perspectives anyway? The Bible does give some clues about what a child’s best interests could be and tells us that if we train up children in the way they should go: when they are old, they will not depart from it (Pr 22:6) What is this way ? One example was Timothy who had known the holy scriptures from a child which were able to make him wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus ? (2 Tim 3:15 ). The Jesuits believe they are the ones who determined what was best for a child “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man”. Is knowledge the key? Is it in a child’s best interests to learn how to be resilient or not to take offense? There are traditions in all cultures about what is in a child’s best interests. Aboriginal children used to learn respect for the land and for their elders, as a key part of their culture. Most of us do not think that learning about radical gender theory will fit them to live in our society but rather will train a child to focus on what they consider to be their needs and not the needs of others. It is most likely to result in a dysfunctional community.

Let us pray:

*  For godly wisdom to be given to parents, teachers, and governments so they know what is in a child’s best interests, who should determine it and how children will come to learn to know and love God.

*  That the Lord will turn the hearts of parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parents across the whole of our nation so that He does not come and strike us with a curse (Mal 4:6) Pray also for there to be a growing warmth and respect shown between all members of every family.

*  That politicians be elected into all our Governments who will seek to provide for our children’s best interests even at the risk of damaging their own career. Give thanks to God that there are many throughout our nation who are working with families to reflect biblical values and perspectives.



It has been noted that the Victorian Parliament is often the door through which much of the permissive legislation that eventually finds its way across Australian, enters. With the Victorian elections approaching this weekend it is important that we cover those elections in persistent prayer so we are asking Prayer Watch members to remember Victoria in your prayers over until election day.

Please pray:

*  that all candidates standing for election will come to know the fear of the LORD. Pray that those elected will walk in Godly wisdom throughout the period of the next Parliament.  Pray for their families and their staffers. Pray that those elected would be energized and invigorated by the desire to serve the people of Victoria.

*  that voters will know and correctly discern the true character of each candidate for whom they are being asked to vote. Pray that they will choose wisely, each one being led by the Spirit of God. Pray that voters will have clarity, discernment and wisdom when they go to the polls on Saturday.

*  that people will have clarity of thought and intent as they cast their ballots. Pray that confusion will be bound in the minds of voters and that they will not be influenced by lies, deception, dishonesty nor distortion.  Pray that truth, honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour will abound in the final days of the election campaign.



The Presbyterian Church of Australia has taken a strong stand on the issue of religious freedom.  Leaders of the Church have issued a statement in response to Andrew Thorburn being forced to stand down from his position as CEO of Essendon Football Club.  The Presbyterian Church states that they believe that this marks a watershed moment in Australian history, the day we have departed from some well-established common law principles, where there was freedom of conscience and religion, to being a society where only certain views are permitted in public life.

In its statement the Church notes that the ethical position Mr Thorburn’s church – City on a Hill – takes on the subjects of abortion and sexuality are the same as that of the mainline Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. It questions whether the Essendon Football Club will no longer welcome people who have sincere religious convictions to be involved with the club. The Presbyterian Church of Australia states that it will continue to uphold the Bible’s teaching that marriage should only ever be between a man and a woman, and that the lives of unborn babies must always be protected.  The Church prays for our political leaders and asks its people to pray, stand firm for the faith and not give into the opposition from those “who reject our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.”  The statement finishes with “Finally we ask those who God has placed in authority over us in this world for the freedom to live out our faith, without intolerant bullying.”

Please pray:

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

*   Let’s be very thankful for the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the strong stand it has taken.  Pray for the leaders and the congregations.

*   May all of us, Presbyterian or not, pray for those who God has placed in authority over us, that they would allow us the” freedom to live out our faith without intolerant bullying”.

*   Pray for all believers in Australia, that we would grow in our trust in the Lord, and so experience the joy and peace that He promises.



*  A third high profile business has been successfully targeted by hackers. The Smith Family joins Optus and Medibank in being the victim of a cyber-attack resulting in information of some of the charity’s supporters, including phone numbers and some credit card details believed to have been stolen. These attacks are a serious threat to the integrity of data security across the system. Please pray for companies and businesses that they would be able to quickly secure their electronic systems to protect customer data, and for law enforcement agencies to find the criminals behind this obviously lucrative pastime of hacking and stealing information not otherwise available to members of the general public.

*  Increased criticism of the Federal Governments legislation, including by the Reserve Bank and cross bench Senators, on Industrial Relations, raises warning signs that such legislation may not be in the best interests of the nation but rather be a reward for the Union movement.  Pray that as concerns are raised and negotiations continue that God would guide the final outcome to a position that is in the best interests of the nation and one that limits the power of unions and businesses to control the workplace. Pray that truth and justice will prevail and be recognised by both sides of the argument.



This week let us pray for Mozambique. Those who leave Islam to follow Jesus are particularly vulnerable to persecution. Thank God for their faith and pray for their safety and protection.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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