A year after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Christianity appears to be rising. However, many believers face extreme persecution at the hands of government and the Islamic State. Over the last 12 months, the difficulties faced by Christians in Afghanistan appear to have worsened. According to Christian organisation Release International, the Taliban are now monitoring the mobile phones of suspected believers attempting to seek spiritual guidance from outside the country. Despite the worsening plight of Christians, more and more people appear to be coming to Christ.

Andrew Boyd, from Release International, said: “It’s very, very hard to confirm all of this, but we’re getting reports from TV channels, who are still in regular contact with viewers – these channels are outside of the country, Christian channels. “Some Christians are still managing somehow, very carefully, very cautiously, to meet with other Christians on the ground. “There’s great risk in all of that, but one of the TV channels is convinced that Christianity is now growing faster from a very low base, admittedly, in Afghanistan. “We’re getting reports from a number of sources that Christianity is actually spreading both in the country, and outside the country in the Afghan diaspora. “Nobody could have put a finger on that figure as it starts from a low base, but it is cause for optimism.”

Source: Premier Christian News

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