Burkina Faso (63 percent Muslim; 31.5 percent Christian) has long been known for its harmony and religious openness. Today, however, authorities in the capital Ouagadougou admit that 40 percent of the country is now outside government control. Across the north and the east, Islamic jihadists aligned with al-Qaeda and Islamic State, kill, abduct, loot, torch and enforce their writ with impunity. Terrorists control the roads and have destroyed telecommunication networks. Outside the main cities, Christian schools, clinics and churches have been forced to close. There are reports of jihadists invading Christian worship and forcing Christians to conform to Islamic norms and listen to Islamic sermons. Pastors cannot access most villages, meaning most villagers across the north and east are living amidst terror without pastoral care or services. Please pray.

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

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