How did such a senseless killing take place? It all goes back to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 which was a Shia Islamic revolution that overthrew the monarchy of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. What ensued was a theocracy led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Why did it occur? It stemmed from a conservative backlash against westernization, modernization, and secularization, all efforts espoused by the Shah. Ever since that time Iran has been ruled by the leaders of the Shia theocracy. Life for many went back into the dark ages. Many young intellectuals as well as those who could afford to do so left their homeland. Today, even though women have full access to education and the ability to work outside of the home, they are still required to dress modestly in public which involves wearing the hijab, a head covering, as well as long fitting robes.

What was Mahsa Amini’s crime? She was accused of wearing her hijab too loosely, in other words revealing too much of her hair and face. Why would she be arrested for this “offense”? It is the responsibility of the morality police to enforce strict adherence to this rule as well as enforce other restrictions. While in police custody, Ms. Amini died at the police station. They claim that she had a heart attack. Her advocates accused the morality police of beating her. Her father said that his daughter had no health problems or a history of heart issues. He also added that his daughter was bruised, and he believed that she was beaten by the morality police. The outrage across the nation has been quite vocal and public with women pulling off their hijabs in public and cutting off their hair. A human rights group said that at least 31 civilians have been killed in the unrest, though state television put the death toll at 17.

The outrage has even escalated to protesters torching police stations and burning vehicles. A spokesperson for the US White House National Security Council said, “Women in Iran should have the right to wear what they want, free from violence or harassment. Iran must end its use of violence against women for executing their fundamental freedoms.”

Let Us Pray:

*          that the public outrage does not escalate uncontrollably, causing more senseless deaths (The Bible, Jeremiah 18:23).

*          those in authority realize that regulations against women are unreasonable and hopelessly antiquated and prejudiced (The Bible, Esther 8:11).

*          that this horrible travesty against Mrs. Amini will result in the demise of the morality police (The Bible, Psalm 37:34).

Source: Windows International Network

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