Christians are being attacked and targeted in Myanmar according to Amnesty International. The UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, also said in a recent report that the army may have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes. Open Doors has welcomed the report and Julia Bicknell, who analyses the research for their annual World Watch List said there are things that can be done to help the civilians. Bricknell said: “We’ve seen firm evidence of attacks against un-armed civilians in the predominantly Christian state of Kachin. “I think we can be petitioning government, to not forget Myanmar. In the preoccupation with Ukraine and recent violent attacks that have been happening in Nigeria, Myanmar is pretty well being forgotten about. “So I think we need to remind our politicians that we owe Myanmar a debt because it used to be part of the British Empire during World War 2.”

While Myanmar’s Christian civilians are not attacked solely because of their faith, they are often considered to be collaborators with armed groups that oppose the military. They are suspects because of their actions such as meeting together for worship and sheltering of refugees in churches, as well as their ethnic background. Bricknell went onto explain a particular shocking attack against Christians prior to Christmas last year in which vehicles were stopped and 35 men, women and children inside were all killed and their bodies burned. She said: “There was even an air strike on Internally Displaced Persons camps, as well as on villages and churches, plus systematic looting before houses were burned.” Bricknell asked Christians to keep Myanmar in their prayers: “The Christian have been appealing for decades for more awareness of the Western world and the international community. “So I know they would really covet our prayers.

Source: Premier Christian News

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