Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Christians to not put their trust in anything apart from God. Mr Morrison recently gave a sermon at Margaret Court’s church in Perth. He told the congregants at Victory Life Centre: “God’s kingdom will come. It’s in his hands. We trust in him. We don’t trust in governments. We don’t trust in the United Nations, thank goodness. “We don’t trust in all these things, fine as they may be and as important as the role that they play. Believe me, I’ve worked in it and they are important.” He added: “But as someone who’s been in it, if you are putting your faith in those things as I put my faith in the Lord, you’re making a mistake. They are earthly, they are fallible. I’m so glad we have a bigger hope.” The former PM also said that God had a plan for him following his unsuccessful re-election campaign.

“You’re not defined by your grievance, or your offence, or being part of some collective set of grievances, you have to constantly assert out there,” he added. “Do you believe, if you lose an election, that God still loves you and has a plan for you? I do because I still believe in miracles.” Mr Morrison has delivered sermons, at two other churches, since he lost his role in May and spoke freely about his faith during his time as prime minister. Pastor Court, was also very open about her faith before leading her church. She has been the centre of controversy, however, due to her having been outspoken on matters to do with same-sex marriage and transgenderism. Last year, she won Australia’s highest honour for being one the country’s best tennis players.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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