The Dutch farmers of the Netherlands are fighting for their right to feed the world and they are driving their trucks, cars and tractors to government offices, grocery store distribution centres and cities all over the country. Their government has given them an ultimatum: cull 30% of their livestock in order to satisfy carbon/nitrogen emissions goals. An article in ABC News explains, “The ruling coalition wants to cut emissions of pollutants, predominantly nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50% nationwide by 2030. Ministers call the proposal an ‘unavoidable transition’ that aims to improve air, land and water quality, they warn that farmers will have to adapt or face the prospect of shuttering their businesses.” The government’s narrative goes something like this: The urine and feces of livestock produces ammonia, which contributes to nitrogen/ammonia emissions.

The Netherlands has been labelled as one of the top greenhouse gas producers in Europe because of their manure. Therefore, farmers need to give their animals feed that contains less protein and use less fertilizer on their crops. Additionally, by cutting the numbers of livestock being held on small areas of land, they will reduce these ‘harmful’ emissions. But anyone who has an elementary knowledge of basic economics can predict how this will drive up the price of meat and other products, putting further strain on citizens already battling with cost of living rises. These directives will also lead to the loss of jobs, land and livelihoods. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products after the United States, so what happens to these farmers’ land, crops and livestock greatly affects the supply chains of the world. Farmers are not happy with the regulations, so they are demanding that the plans be nixed.

Hundreds of angry farmers gathered at the Hague on June 28, 2022. To drive the point home that food comes from farming, the protesters blockaded up to 20 food distribution centres in various cities of the Netherlands. Videos show police officers forcibly removing farmers from their tractors at some sites. Additionally, farmers are blocking roads and borders. Dutch fisherman have joined the fight by blocking ports with their boats. In response, the police have pulled down blockades, used tear gas, and shots have been fired. Protesters have been dubbed “extremists” by the media. The protests are rooted in the belief that farmers are being unfairly targeted, while big businesses and industries are allowed to thrive. Small family-owned farms are going to be forced out of business while their land is used for the government’s agendas. Keean Bexte, Editor in Chief and publisher of Dutchuprising.com, explained what’s going on.

“Farmers are on edge because farms that they’ve held in their family for generations, are now going to have to be sold off because they will be unable to maintain their herds. It costs money to run an operation and without a critical mass of livestock or output, they are going to be forced to sell their land for small amounts that’s been in their families for centuries.” Bexte, who is a Canadian citizen, bluntly lays out the motives behind this ‘green’ agenda that is being pushed by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “It all goes back to the World Economic Forum (WEF). He’s a contributor to the WEF. Mark Rutte is also very similar to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’s willing to push anyone out of the way, that is in his way of a glorious 2030, which is when his plan really kicks in. He wants to reduce nitrogen emissions by so much by 2030 that it’s going to throw tens of thousands of farmers here in the Netherlands out of a job.”

Rutte, is also a vocal supporter of the World Economic Forum and their food supply agendas. Bexte says the true goal of these transformative agendas is to cause people to change their food intake to food that will have less impact on climate change. The WEF claim that “our consumption of animal protein is the source of greenhouse gases and climate change.” Canada’s agricultural minister has been examining the possibility of introducing a meat consumption tax. He believes this would drive people to make more “sustainable choices.” But the farmers know this would drive them out of business.  Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a conservative Dutch journalist, political commentator and host of “Let’s Talk About It” summarized the movement on the Tucker Carlson show.

“What this is about is the Dutch government stealing our farmers’ land and they’re doing this under the guise of a made up nitrogen crisis and that is basically going to put most of these farmers completely out of business and thankfully the Dutch farmers aren’t having it, so they’re going out in the streets, they’re blocking distribution centres – they’ve blocked the high roads. They are fighting back and they are right to do so. This is their life’s work. They’re devastated by what the government is doing and it’s very clear the government is not doing this because of a nitrogen crisis – they’re doing this because the farmers are obviously standing in their way of the Great Reset plans that they have for us. Farmers are hard-working, God-fearing, self-sufficient people that are just standing in the way of their globalist agenda and it’s even driving a lot of these farmers to suicide.”

Ultimately, Vlaardingerbroek reminds the world they must “reject globalism and embrace God.” Countries like Canada are going down a similar road as their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to push a strict climate plan which aims to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. The protests in the Netherlands are just the beginning. There are uprisings also happening in places like Germany, Poland, Italy and Sri Lanka to name a few. As Christians, when we see and hear about these protests, we might wonder, what part do we play? Certainly, these farmers need to be covered in prayer. If the time comes to engage in peaceful protests, then we should be ready to make our stand in the way God directs us. “Lord Jesus, we ask for your strong arm to guide us through these turbulent times. Please provide for our families as well as the people of this world. Give us the fortitude and faith to stand up for our rights to steward the land you’ve given us.”

Source: Intercessors for America

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