Following the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Christians working within politics have been responding. Here’s a selection from those who’ve spoken to Premier Christian News. Gary Streeter, Christian Conservative MP: “I think that was the only outcome, I’m afraid, that possibly this should have happened earlier. But I think one thing we can take encouragement from, it is that so many colleagues, we all agree that integrity and truth at the heart of government is important. In the end, it was that lack of integrity and truth and the Downing Street conduct and actions throughout lockdown that that have brought to an end, the premiership of a very talented politician. In the end, we’ve decided in the United Kingdom, we must have the absolute bedrock of truth and integrity, at the heart of our politics.”

Alex Cunningham Christian Labour MP: “I’m relieved that the Prime Minister has decided that it’s time to step aside. “He’s had tremendous problems in recent times with scandal and things. “We have to pray for stability and for somebody to step forward to show some leadership in order to start to tackle the things that matter to people. The cost of living crisis is getting out of hand now.” Director of Liberal Democratic Christian Forum Lizzie Jewkes says: “I just began to think was he having some kind of breakdown? That he just couldn’t seem to realise that everybody wanted him to go and it’s been horrendous. It’s just been so difficult because he did so much wrong and yet he was oblivious to everything. I know that some of us stuck by the rules and we didn’t see our family, meanwhile Boris was throwing parties and the rules just didn’t apply to him.”

Christian MP Derek Thomas: “Boris is a man who God loves in the way that God loves all people and doesn’t wish for anyone to perish. The Bible tells us that, at the end of the day, I stand, put myself forward to work as an MP, because I believe our relationship and trust with our electorate is extremely important. Boris is still someone who actually we should continue to pray for. He’s got young family, for Carrie his wife, it’s going be very unsettling for them and they’re still precious and treasured. Boris has demonstrated enormous commitment to public service.” Pastor Steve Campbell of C3 Church in Cambridge and a member of the Global Leadership Network: “This is probably long overdue, it’s been a long time coming. “I think the issues that are being raised of integrity are absolutely essential to leadership and there’s been not just one or two or three, it’s been a continuous eroding of integrity throughout this Prime Minister’s term.

Campbell continued “We should be praying for the next leader first of all, that they’ll have great wisdom, that’s essential in the role,and great integrity. I think the highest virtue that we need is humility. My prayer often is also that they’d have the fear of God.” David Burrowes co-founder of the Conservative Christian Fellowship: “The theme of Tuesday’s National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, I know would have struck a chord with Sajid Javid, indeed and others. “The Prime Minister himself was there, so nothing’s a surprise or a coincidence for ourselves, it is providential. That there was a whole lot of MP’s coming together at this challenging time, and came before Lord in prayer. I think there was a timeliness of that, and I think that theme of common good, now needs to come through in the leadership election.”

Andy Flannagan, executive director of Christians in Politics: “It’s never been easier for me to convince Christians that actually, it really matters, who we elect, who leads us and that actually, integrity and leadership is really important. As we’ve lived through these COVID times, we’ve realised that actually having a track record of telling the truth is, is really important. Jesus cared about how things were done, as well as what was done.” Nims Obunge, former London mayoral candidate and CEO of Peace Alliance: “We need a leader that the Church feels confident can bring righteousness to our nation. I want to see righteousness come and I’m standing in faith that God will give us a godly leader, one that loves God, fears God and has integrity at the core of whatever they do.” Christian Labour MP Emma Lewell-Buck said: “We just have to pray that all of this drama stops soon, and that we have some stability.”

Source: Premier Christian News

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