Australia’s current population consists of many different ethnic groups, and we seem to be succeeding in living in relative harmony. Multiculturalism in Australia is more of a success story than a failure. But it is a success that demands a constant watching. Until the mid-20th century, the Australian population was mainly Anglo-Celtic with a smaller Aboriginal one. Now there are people here from so many more different cultural backgrounds. This means there is the potential of greater tensions and misunderstandings based on different world views. To create one united nation requires endless patience and persistence. For some coming from inland Aboriginal backgrounds there could be different understandings of time or land, priorities or values including the complexities of community life. There are often different ways of dealing with family issues as well as unresolved grief. We benefit from sharing stories about matters of race, culture, or identity. This could help create greater openness about a wide range of underlying attitudes many of which may need to change. It could be described as a change of heart is needed for being one.

We have recently changed our national anthem, so we now rejoice that we are one as well as free. It takes more than good will for this to happen. Governments have tried to make laws and create policies to enable us to be one. The Uluru Statement from the Heart invites all people in Australia to walk with our First Nations peoples to help create a better future.  There is also a plan for a referendum for us to incorporate First Nation peoples more fully. There are a significant number of parliamentarians who have Aboriginal heritage  Churches can find it hard to incorporate those coming from other cultures or races and to become communities where we are “neither Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, and where we are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28). Let us join Jesus when He prayed that those who believed in Him.., may be one” (Jn 17:20) But what about our nation ? Is it possible for us to be truly one?

Let’s pray for our nation, our churches, and ourselves ( may be in song):

* Father Make Us One by Scripture in Song. Forgive us for our reluctance to fully accept those from different backgrounds as one with us or truly valuing their contributions to our nation and churches.

* That we learn to think differently and creatively about being one by allowing the Holy Spirit to change the way we think about our families, church family, and our nation.

* Thank you for allowing us to walk with You and with one another with a wonderful sense of being one both with You and each other.


Different people expect different things from our leaders and Governments. These expectations can build up to a point where they limit leaders and Governments ability to be constructive in finding solutions that are in the best interests of the nation as a whole. Some of those expectations come from special interest groups seeking what they themselves want, which may not be in the national interest, others reflect the ideological bias of a political worldview not necessarily held by all, or even a majority, of Australians. Governments need to find a way through this dilemma whilst at the same time keeping one eye on the opinion polls which reflect how people may rate them when they vote at the next election.  This can inhibit true leadership which sometimes requires bold decisions that are not always pleasing to the people in the short term.

Please pray:

*  For leaders to be raised up in Australia who are God fearing, not man pleasing, who will lead us as a nation towards the God given destiny that God himself has for us.

*  For leaders to be raised up who are humble and willing to serve the people of our nation, not those filled with pride, self-ambition, or driven by ungodly ideological belief.

*  For leaders who are willing to search for God’s will for our nation and be open to input from spiritual leaders who can reflect God’s heart to them as they make their decisions on our behalf and for our good.



The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is calling for the Tasmanian Law Reform Commission’s (TLRC) ‘Sexual Identity and Gender Conversion Report’ to be rejected.  ACL’s Tasmanian Director, Christopher Brohier, said, “This is an irresponsible and ill-conceived report.  It acknowledges that there is ‘no data about the nature and prevalence of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) conversion practices in Tasmania’ yet proceeds to uncritically accept generalised conclusions and anecdotal evidence including ‘pseudonymous, anonymous and confidential submissions’ provided by activist organisations. The report gives little or no weight to the evidence of harm done to children through gender transition treatment and downplays the considerable, globally available, evidence that a ‘wait and see’ approach to gender confused children is in their best interests.”

Based on untested evidence, the report recommends a massive intrusion into the daily lives of all Tasmanians, especially parents, caregivers, religious leaders and health professionals. Parents and medical practitioners must be allowed to choose what is in the best interests of their children and patients, not be dictated to by activist groups. The ACL calls on the government to support parental rights and proper process for the medical practitioners.  It calls on the government to reject the report.

Please pray:

“For everyone who asks, receives.  Whoever seeks, finds.  And to everyone who knocks, the door is opened.” Matthew 7:8

*   Let us ask the Lord to give true wisdom and understanding to the Tasmanian government as they consider the Sexual Identity and Gender conversion report.

*   Pray that the Tasmanian Government will support parental rights and proper process for the medical practitioners.

*   Pray, believing that the Lord will give us what we ask for, that the Tasmanian Government will reject this report.



*   Our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been thrown into the deep end by the necessity to have to deal with major International crises immediately upon taking up office. From the Ukraine war to rampaging inflation and issues surrounding a world-wide energy crisis means Mr Albanese has been thrust on to the world stage even before he has been able to tackle our own nation’s problems. Please pray that God would give our Prime Minister wisdom, clarity of mind and boldness to address issues in our national interest so as to ensure order on the world scene and in our relations with the other nations of the world.

*   According to the recently released census figures in Australia, for the first time ever, people who identify as Christians are less than half of the population. Only 44% of Australians now identify as Christians as against 52% in the previous census. Whilst Christianity is by far the largest religion in Australia those who profess no faith allegiance now make up 40% of the population up from 30% in the previous census.  This has enormous implications for the future of our nation. Please pray into these figures and what they mean for the future direction of our nation and cry out to God for a turning back to Him and the protection of the Godly values which have served our nation so well for centuries.



This week let us pray for Uzbekistan. Pray that church leaders will be strengthened as they endure immense pressure from authorities. Pray that they will lead with courage and compassion.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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