School Calendar

A number of the schools listed will not have all the contact details displayed.  These details will be updated as they become available and may be subject to change without notice.  To Enroll in any of these Schools email the contact person listed next to the school you are interested in attending.

Watchmen Foundation School

The Face-to-Face Foundation Level Schools held by the Australian Prayer Network have now finished. Video School presentations will continue to be made available on DVD or USB. If you would like to host a Video Foundation School in your location, please contact us on
Date of SchoolTownStateVenuePresenterRegistration & EnquiriesWebsite Link

Watchmen Intermediate School

The Face-to-Face Intermediate Level Watchmen Schools In Australia have now finished. If you would like to purchase Audio copies of the schools on CD or USB, please contact
Date of SchoolTownStateVenueRegistration ContactTo Register Email

Watchmen Advanced School

These will be the final face to face Advanced Level Schools to be held in the Watchmen series. Therefore, we are lifting all restrictions on having to previously have completed a Foundation Level or Intermediate Level School. The following Schools are open to anyone wishing to attend, or re-attend as a final refresher. The Advanced course does include a couple of new subjects that people who have previously attended an Advanced School may wish to re-engage with.
Date of SchoolTownStateVenueRegistration ContactTo Register Email
29 – 30 September 2023
PerthWAMt Pleasent Baptist Church
497 Marmion Street
Trevor & Jackie Young
Ph. 0417 950 512

International Bootcamp

An International Bootcamp is being planned for 1 – 12 March 2024. 
Details of the Bootcamp can be viewed on this link Bootcamp Brochure.  To apply to be part of this Bootcamp follow this link to the online Application Form.