40 Hour Prayer Weekend

Where the Rubber meets the Road

A 40 Hour Prayer Weekend is one of two practicums that those who have completed the Advanced Level of the Watchmen School of Intercession can attend.  This practicum is designed to be an application of “where the rubber meets the road”.  Where the teaching of the three Levels is actually applied.

Participants will take part in a weekend filled with planned prayer assignments, prayer watches and “onsite with insight” intercession.  Each participant will be expected to accept a one hour prayer commitment (with others in your room) on one of the two nights.

The weekend will commence at 7.00PM on the Friday evening and will conclude at 3.00PM on the Sunday.  All meals from Saturday breakfast till Sunday lunch, and the two night’s accommodation, are included in the weekend package.  Participants must find their own way to the accommodation at the beginning of the weekend unless prior arrangements have been made.

Those attending a 40 Hour Weekend are responsible for arranging their own dinner on the Friday night.  Attendees will be housed in double rooms for couples and twin or triple rooms for singles.

There is no registration fee for the weekend package.  In line with Australian Prayer Network’s policy, a faith offering will be taken during the weekend into which participants are asked to contribute as the Lord leads them.  This offering is expected to provide sufficient funds to cover all expenses associated with the weekend.  This weekend is a unique opportunity for on the job training the likes of which probably none of the participants will have experienced before.  Attendance numbers are strictly limited by accommodation constraints.