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While the Victorian Premier has praised the efforts of those following new mask wearing rules that took effect last week, there have been reports of some flatly refusing to don a face covering, including a woman who filmed her own mask meltdown in a Melbourne Bunnings. “This is not about human rights,” Premier Andrews said. “There are 10 families that are going to be burying someone in the next few days. “Wear a mask, it’s not too much to ask.” Outrageous footage of a woman refusing to wear a mask inside Bunnings has gone viral. It shows her walking into a store, believed to be in Melbourne, where she was immediately stopped by staff and asked if she had a mask.

“Well it’s clear I don’t and you are not authorised to ask me or question me about it,” she says in the video. The woman is then asked if she wants to speak to the manager, who tells her she needs a medical certificate if she wants to continue into the store. “I actually don’t need a medical certificate,” she says. “You’re discriminating against me.” When another staff member tells her the mask is a condition of entry, she lashes out. “That’s discrimination and I can have you sued personally for discriminating against me as a woman,” she says. “It’s an unlawful condition of entry, therefore that exposes you, personally and Bunnings to being sued for discrimination because it is in breach of the 1948 Charter of Human Rights to discriminate against men and women.”

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports