The School Consists of Different Levels

The Australian Prayer Network (APN) conducts Watchmen Schools of Intercession (WSOI) across the Nation.  The School consists of 3 levels. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level has self-contained modules, with each module building on the other. Participants in the School are encouraged to attend all sessions of each level in order to progress through the School to completion.  The Foundation Level is hosted and run locally.  The Intermediate and Advanced Levels, are held in major cities and regional centres as ‘live-out’ Schools with attendees wanting to attend one of the Schools out of their area responsible for organising their own accommodation. There is no registration fee to participate in the Watchmen School of Intercession although faith offerings are taken at each school to assist with defrayment of costs.

If you would like to attend one of the Watchmen Schools please click on the Calendar button above.  Select which school you want to attend and email or phone the Registrar for that school who will enroll you and provide additional information you may need for that particular school or location.