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A public university in Ohio is letting people use whatever bathroom facility “they deem they need to use” in order to create a more “inclusive environment.”  Wright State University has granted permission for “individuals to use the restroom that corresponds to their sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression” in order to comply with the university’s discrimination policy.  It says that providing “safe, accessible, and convenient restroom facilities” is “one aspect of creating an inclusive environment.”  The university notes that some people experience “difficulty, inconvenience, and a lack of safety” when trying to use a gender-specific bathroom.

It also states that transgender individuals can be “subject to harassment or violence when using men’s or women’s restrooms.  The university website explains that 23 restrooms in different buildings across the campus were converted to “all-gender” bathrooms as part of the university’s “All-Gender Restroom Expansion Project.”  The project was spearheaded by a joint committee of students, faculty and staff and supported by the Student Government Association.  “This project was an opportunity for Wright State University to further our vision of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in the Wright State University community,”

Chief Diversity Officer Matthew Boaz wrote in a letter to the campus community, “by providing greater access to restroom facilities, we create safer and more accessible spaces for people of different genders, people with disabilities who need assistance in the restroom from someone of a different gender, and people who identify as transgender and nonbinary.”  Not everyone at Wright State are happy with the all-gender bathrooms.  One student took to Twitter to complain about the gender-neutral bathrooms.  “Can’t even use the bathroom because they are all gender neutral and there’s men in all the bathrooms,” she wrote, adding the hashtag #ihavetopee.

LGBT activists have pushed school districts and colleges across the nation to embrace policies that grant bathroom access on the basis of gender identity.  Some have voiced concern that such policies violate the privacy rights of females.  Family Research Council (FRC) released a report listing 21 incidents of men assaulting or violating women’s privacy in public bathrooms and warning that transgender policies increase the risk of such crimes.  “The concern is not that transgendered individuals are more likely to be sexual predators, but rather that sexual predators could exploit such laws by posing as transgendered in order to gain access to females.” FRC stated.

Source: Christian Post