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One of the world’s leading genital reconstruction surgeons has noted a marked increase in “sex change regret,” with many patients returning for procedures to restore their biological sex. Professor Miroslav Djordjevic said his patients are reversing their gender reassignment surgery at great financial and physical cost. The procedure can be highly painful, extremely expensive, take up to a year to complete, and cost up to $18,000. “Those seeking reversal speak of severe depression and in some cases even suicide,” Djordjevic said. The surgeon also noted that discussion on the subject is difficult due to being “politically incorrect,” and highly sensitive.

As one example, a psychotherapist sought permission from Bath Spa University to study growing trends of “de-transitioning,” but was turned down. After submitting the more detailed proposal to Bath Spa, he discovered he had been referred to the university ethics committee, which rejected it over fears of criticism that might be directed towards the university.” The college’s primary concern was the “powerful transgender lobby” that remains highly active on social media. The psychotherapist was “astonished” at the university’s decision to reject his proposal, but refrained from offering further comment while an internal review is conducted.

Djordjevic disagrees with this attitude toward research into gender reassignment surgery. “Reversal surgery and regret in transgender persons is a very hot topic,” he said, adding “we have to support all research in this field” in order to understand the situation better. The mental health effects of transgenderism continue to concern medical professionals. Over half of all youths who self-identify as male despite being biologically female have attempted suicide, according to a recent report. According to the study by the University of Arizona-Tucson, some 51% of female and male trans-identified teenagers revealed they had attempted suicide at least once.

Source: Faithwire