New South Wales Upper House member Mark Latham has introduced an Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Complaint Handling) Bill 2020 into the NSW parliament.  The Bill is directed at preventing abuses of the discrimination complaints process by vexatious or serial litigants.  These can be litigants with an activist or personal agenda making numerous complaints on flimsy grounds against another to effectively punish that other person for expressing a point of view which they do not agree with or find offensive.  The Bill proposes needed reform of a system that is being misused.

Mr Latham states: “The risk therefore with the Anti-Discrimination Act is one of misuse.  We must ensure that anti-discrimination provisions are not abused, that activists do not use them as an instrument for personal financial gain or vengeance, or to try to silence those who simply hold views with which they disagree.  Such activism would not only be morally wrong but also represent a misallocation of scarce resources in the New South Wales legal system.  The freedom to make a complaint of discrimination is a privilege we enjoy in a democratic society with a rule of law and is meant to be used for redress for discrimination suffered not for punishing those you disagree with.”

Source: Australian Family Association

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