The recent news that the SA Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens considers that the Prostitution Decriminalisation Bill (which decriminalises pimping and protects pimps) would place community safety at risk and allow organised crime to flourish, and the news that organised crime syndicates are operating in the SA prostitution industry, means that that House of Assembly should reject the Bill. As the recent editorial in the Advertiser stated, lower house MPs should listen to the Commissioner.  There was also important news in the In Daily Online newspaper that the Adelaide City Council (ACC) is set to oppose the decriminalisation of prostitution in SA.

The experience in New Zealand is that after decriminalisation, street work shifted to residential areas and waste was left in the streets and on private property. Prostitution has grown exponentially.  We cannot afford to let this happen in Adelaide and SA for the sake of our young women and men.  MPs should reject this Bill and adopt the Nordic model of regulation which decriminalises the selling of sex, criminalises the buying of sex and pimping and provides real exit strategies for prostituted women and men. In the upcoming prostitution debate numbers are very close.  We are working with a delegation of survivors this week, visiting MPs.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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