A spirit of fear is trying to permeate our nation due to the threats of the Coronavirus.  The stock market is being impacted and our nation is taking extreme actions to curtail any unnecessary exposure.  Other nations have also begun to shut their borders due to the threats of the virus.  There is panic buying of food and other items as people fall prey to a spirit of fear.  It is time for us to pray about the spirits behind the coronavirus.  It is time for us to pray and proclaim God’s Word over our communities and the nation as a whole.  We cannot control the media’s propaganda or various political agendas, but we do have a say in what kind of atmosphere hovers over our own cities and communities.

This is where we have the most authority and the most responsibility in clearing the air and shifting the atmosphere from fear to faith.  We need to rise up in our corporate spiritual authority to displace the illegitimate authorities that are seeking a foothold in our nation. Intercessors can shift the atmosphere in their cities through prayer, worship, and a corporate spiritual authority far greater than any demonic threat or attack.  The posture of our hearts and the words from our mouths determine the atmosphere in a place.  The power of our praises and our prayers can shift atmospheres in a room, a building, a neighbourhood, and even an entire city.

This is the amazing result of believers coming together in agreement and drawing power from heaven through their unified proclamations and worship.  It permeates the spirit and displaces demonic activity, making way for heaven to come down and God’s presence to be made known.  In the early Church, unity was so strong that Scriptures speak of a “great grace” that was released in the city.  This grace opened the door to miracles, signs, and wonders, and salvations on a daily basis (see Acts 4:32-34).  Earlier in this same chapter, it speaks of their daily fellowship and breaking of bread.  Because of these things, God’s grace empowered them to do far beyond what they could have done in the natural.

This should be our desire as we come together as watchmen in prayer over our cities and nation.  We can pray in such agreement with heaven that the atmosphere over the city begins to be permeated with the grace and favour of the Lord.  Our spiritual adversary will continually find ways to spread fear, chaos, turmoil, and hopelessness over the land.  It is our responsibility to displace those demonic spirits by keeping our corporate prayer altars ablaze.  We must use our authority in Christ to displace rulers in high places and declare the work of the cross and the power of Christ’s resurrection.  Let’s agree together to speak life instead of death, order instead of chaos, and faith instead of fear.

Source: Intercessors for America

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