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Buoyed by the number of laws being passed at the state level and dozens of federal judges being confirmed, pro-life advocates are hailing a tipping point and “shift” happening across the U.S. on abortion.  The “scales are finally tipping” in favour of the unborn, said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser as she addressed hundreds of guests gathered for the annual Campaign for Life Gala.  “It’s about time.” she said.  In recent months, several states in the South and Midwest have passed laws banning virtually all abortions or at the moment when a foetal heartbeat is detected.

Dannenfelser attributed the “tidal wave” of pro-life momentum across the U.S. to the radicalism of the other side.  Her group’s goals for the coming year include electing pro-life legislators to both chambers of Congress and passing legislation that prohibits abortions on the basis of sex and disability.  Honoured for his leadership in the U.S. Senate, particularly his facilitation of two Supreme Court justices and 110 federal district and appellate court judges confirmed to lifetime appointments on the bench, Senator Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, was presented with the Distinguished Leader Award.

McConnell told the crowd that he believes that by prioritizing lifetime appointments to the federal judiciary they will have the longest, most positive impact on the country in the future.  Nationwide, approximately 1 in 5 of the federal court of appeals judges have been appointed, confirmed, and installed in the two and a half years of the Trump presidency, the Senate leader said.  Speaking of the volatile Kavanagh Supreme Court nomination process last fall, McConnell continued, “We ended up voting on more than one man’s career.  We were voting on basic American principles of fairness and justice.  Does the presumption of innocence still apply in America? Yes.”

Keynote speaker Nikki Haley, former U.N. Ambassador and former governor of South Carolina, noted that many on the left use abortion to divide women and demand conformity under the banner of feminism.  “But that is not real feminism,” she stressed.  “The idea that women must adhere to a particular set of values is one of the most anti-women ideas in today’s culture.  “As a pro-life, female governor, I was blessed with a unique platform, and I made every effort to use it to reframe the debate, that being pro-life is not about being for or against women.  It is about being for a baby’s right to live, the most basic right there is.”

Source: Christian Post