We invite all of our members to continue to pray for our people as the Corona 19 pandemic continues to impact our nation and the nations of the world.

This week let us pray:

* for our Prime Minister, State Premiers, the Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, State Chief Medical Officers and all front-line medical personnel who are leading us as a nation through the difficult situation this virus is causing, and the impact it is having on our nation.  Pray that they will be given the physical strength to keep going, and the wisdom to make correct decisions which are insightful and impacting.

* for the spread of the virus to be supernaturally slowed

* for the aged, the disabled and those with pre-existing conditions to be especially protected

* for the success of the announced rescue package, that employers will enter into the spirit of the package and re-hire and/or keep their staff on their pay roll.

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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