But like the hydra of Greek mythology, radical gender ideology seems to sprout new heads and find alternative ways into our children’s classrooms. It’s incredibly refreshing, then, to see Mark Latham tackling this issue head on. The former federal Labor leader turned NSW One Nation MP has introduced a bill to ban gender fluidity indoctrination from schools and to enshrine parental rights. While his proposed law only covers NSW, his stand is relevant to all state and territories. Here are some highlights of his recent speech on the subject.

“We hear a lot of talk in the political debate about colonisation, but the worst colonising practice in our society are attempts by social engineers, many of them in the education system, to take over the role of parents. It is part of the post-modernist attack on the nuclear family. In trying to unravel and remake our civilisation, they know the foundations of family are critical. If they can convince young people that things such as family and gender are socially constructed and that there is some kind of conspiracy to deny them their true identity, then no part of our culture is safe. Parents, not schools, are the teachers of the values of their children. There are some fine teachers in the education system, but at the end of the day they are strangers in the lives of families.

“They come and go while parents are there 24/7, loving, nurturing and celebrating the achievements of their children, and dealing with the problems late at night and on weekends, never with a six-week break. Parenting can be tough and, in the era of social media, it can be challenging. The main thing parents ask of schools in the social development of children is to do no harm. Do not confuse our children by telling five and six-year-olds that gender is as fluid as water and that they can be a boy one day and a girl the next; do not run classes in which 12-year-olds are told to pretend that they have come from another planet and arrive on earth without a penis or a vagina as Safe Schools did; do not confuse our children about the fixed biological reality of gender in that, other than a small number of cases, people are born male or female.

“Do not sexualise children, creating mental illnesses and other problems in their young lives; do not engage in the child abuse of promoting gender fluidity; and do not turn our schools into political indoctrination camps, imposing the personal views of educators onto students. Schools must deliver education, not indoctrination. The Government has some good intentions, but good intentions are not enough. The Berejiklian Government does not actually run the New South Wales school system. It is run by bureaucrats, the Teachers Federation and what I call the education establishment, the same group of academics who have given our State the fastest falling school results in the world. For such people, the 2017 decision to end Safe Schools was irrelevant. They run the education system, so they have simply found other ways of implementing the same policy.

That is why the bill is needed: to legislate the provisions that the Government has been unable to provide for itself and students and families in New South Wales. My bill outlaws gender fluidity teaching, course development and teacher training and ends the accreditation, and thus the employment, of any individual breaking that law. The time for audits is over; we need stronger action, legislated action, to protect our children and families. At its core, post-modernism drains the trust and confidence of students in what they are being taught. It tells them that everything they know about their family, their gender, their country and everything they might learn about history, science and other subjects is being constructed to mislead them.

“That is a disease in most Western education systems and the core reason Asian systems have moved so far and so quickly ahead of us. How can our students and schools possibly succeed if the evidential base of knowledge is consistently undermined by telling students that such things are not real and factual, and that it is not really knowledge?  To properly ban Safe Schools, the New South Wales Government needs to kill cold dead the core premise on which it was based, that teachers have a legitimate role to play in shaping the morality of children on personal identity questions such as gender and sexuality. These matters must be the sole preserve of families. Since I was elected to this Parliament 16 months ago, my office has had a constant stream of complaints about politics in schools. Parents are sick and tired. They want this Parliament to make its choice.

Source:  Australian Family Coalition

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