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Christian public policy charity CARE has welcomed the announcement by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) that it will remain opposed to a change in the law on assisted suicide and euthanasia in Britain.  The RCGP asked its members whether it should change its current position of opposing a change in the law on assisted dying.  Results showed 47% of respondents said they should oppose a change in the law whilst 40% said the RCGP should support a change in the law on assisted dying, providing there is a regulatory framework and appropriate safeguarding processes in place.  11% of respondents said that the RCGP should have a neutral position and 2% abstained from answering.

CARE’s communications manager, James Mildred, said: “No major medical body supports changing the law to introduce assisted suicide of any kind.  The RCGP recognises the danger of either supporting or being neutral on assisted suicide.  “Vulnerable people need the protection of the current law and to know that medical professionals have their best interests at heart.  “The decision will no doubt be noted by MPs as a significant rebuff to those advocating for a change in the law.”  Assisted dying is illegal in the UK.  The RCGP last reviewed its position on assisted dying in 2014 and will not review the group’s position on this issue for at least another five years.

Source: Premier Christian News