Let us pray that Vote Frauds do not interfere with future federal & state elections.  The means to fix Vote Frauds became available with the publication on 5 December 2018 of the Parliamentary committee report on the subject.  There are two recommendations that are of particular interest in addressing the problem of vote fraud.  Recommendation 12 requires Voter ID, and would require amendment to the Commonwealth Electoral Act, which will be difficult in the short time available, with less than 10 sitting days before the expected May federal election.

Recommendation 25 requires the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to electronically link polling booths to the central Electoral Roll so as to stop “Multiple Voting” at different polling booths in much the same way that Bank ATMs are linked to a central Bank account to stop you withdrawing the same cash at two or more different ATMs.  Implementing this requires the cooperation of the AEC in the short time available.  It can be done, if there is the political will and determination within the federal Government to make the AEC perform.  It was done in South Africa in a short time 20 years ago by a computer engineer now working in North Sydney.

As well as praying, you could lobby any coalition MPs or Senators that you know and urge them to urge the PM to adopt Recommendations 12 and 25.  Quite possibly many coalition MPs and Senators might be unaware of this report as it was released on the second last day of sitting last year.

Source: National Alliance of Christian Leaders

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