We invite all of our members to continue to pray for our people as the Corona 19 pandemic continues to impact our nation and the nations of the world.  This week let us pray:

* for those working on the development of a vaccine that they would succeed in record time.
* for all Australians to remain calm and act wisely obeying all instructions put out by our Governments as difficult as that may be.
* for the Australian economy to be protected from long-term damage.
* that our leaders and decision makers would be given great wisdom to know when to impose restrictions upon us, but also to know, and have the courage to lift them, at the appropriate time.

For those who wish to pray for our nation in greater depth, we strongly encourage you to sign up to the National 24 Hour Prayer Watch which is now in its 21st year of maintaining continuous prayer over our nation. For those wanting more information and/or to sign up to the Watch please go to

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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