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The horrendous Easter attack on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka and its tragic aftermath as the death toll rises has rocked the world. A number of the Christian leaders there within the International Prayer Council have provided the following prayer points with the request that Christian around the world support their brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka at this time. Let us pray for its public officials, Christian leaders and believers, and for the restoration and healing of this nation that the Lord created and loves. Please pray into the following aspects of the situation in Sri Lanka as the Lord leads:

  1. The death toll as of now is more than 250 persons and people on the injured list is at more than 350. Attacks and attempts of attack are still in the air. Please pray for the recovery of the injured and for those who mourn the loss of loved ones.
  2. Please pray for the re-establishment of peace amongst the general public, with fear, anxiety and hopelessness extremely high.
  3. Pray For the government and rulers to be united and intentionally decisive to overcome enemy factions.
  4. Bind the work and plans of ISIS which claims to be behind these attacks. They are looking for more opportunities to strike churches and Christians.
  5. Shops, offices, schools are closed, people who are dependent on daily wages are not finding work. Therefore, starvation and frustration is creeping in. Pray for sufficient food to be available to meet the daily needs of people
  6. Public demonstrations against the government is threatened. Pray for peace across the whole nation.
  7. It is learnt that our decision makers do not see eye to eye with each other, therefore important decisions are not being made. Pray that personal differences would be put aside for the good of the nation.
  8. There is leadership failure therefore there is economic, social and political instability in our nation. Pray that God would place His hand on the nation restoring stability and peace to this troubled land.
  9. The forces of darkness in high places are raging against the Church and her leadership. Pray the Church would receive strength and comfort to battle against the powers of darkness.
  10. Please pray that the support lines would be cut and resources would stop flowing to the ISIS leadership here.

Source: International Prayer Council