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In India, Christians in rural villages are facing increased pressure and violence. Churches are being closed, believers asked to renounce their faith and beatings are just some of the pressure our brothers and sisters are facing. Christian villagers in the rural district of Gadchiroli, India, have been told that one church will be closed every week. This follows Christians being accused of “destroying” local tradition and culture by evangelising within their communities. The government’s law on self-governance in tribal areas enables extremists to persecute without legal consequences.

In one village a church construction was stopped by protesters. Christians were told to renounce their faith or leave the village. Soon after, 15 houses belonging to Christian families were vandalised. The believers filed a complaint with the police, but the authorities took no action. Instead, the Christians received letters warning them not to make any further complaints. Christians have received death threats or been pressured to leave their villages. New converts to Christianity face being outcasted, from both their families and their local communities.

The new Christian convert will be given no job in the village, and no one will come to help him with his work. Thereafter, the new convert is threatened constantly to leave his faith; he can be easily attacked.

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Source: Open Doors