Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has announced a specific pro-life policy which acknowledges the scientific fact that a human being’s life begins in the womb. The policy was announced prior to the recent Queensland election with a promise to roll back what they referred to as Queensland Labor’s ‘brutal and extreme abortion law’. The policy seeks to:-

Reduce abortion gestational limits,

Ban sex-selective abortion,

Provide medical care for babies born alive during an abortion,

Provide pain-relieving anesthesia to babies prior to an abortion,

Restore medical professional’s full right to a conscientious objection,

Ban aborted baby organ harvesting,

Improve data reporting.

It is hoped that the policy will be retained into the future and was not an election specific policy designed as a strategic move to improve their electoral support prior to the Queensland election. In Queensland both the Liberal National Party and the Katter Australia Party also committed pre-election to review or roll back Labor’s Termination of Pregnancy Act (2018). Commitments such as these from Australian political parties and sitting members is an Australian first and a major step forward in the protection of every human life. Tireless campaigning from thousands of Queenslanders is reaping encouraging rewards.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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