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An encouraging study has been released by the Barna Group, which shows that millennial-aged Americans who are not Christians show a greater interest in spirituality than older generations who are unbelievers.  Their findings include data on how Americans express their spirituality, and how hungry they are for a spiritual connection.  In the report, Barna found that 70% of non-Christian millennials said that they have had at least one conversation about religion and their beliefs with a family member or close friend.  When they asked the same question to older non-Christians, only 52% said that they had talked about religious beliefs with a family member or close friend.

In the same report, the group found that 64% of non-Christian millennials said that they engaged in a conversation discussing religious beliefs with a Christian, while only 44% of older non-Christians did.  “Millennial non-Christians are also twice as likely to express personal interest in Christianity (26% vs. 16%),” explained Barna.  “They’ve also had much more personal experience with all kinds of evangelistic methods than older non-Christians, including through tracts (45% vs. 26%) or encounters with a person either at church (35% vs. 19%) or on the street (30% vs. 16%).”

The report, commissioned by Alpha USA, surveyed two groups of people.  The first sample space was of 992 respondents who identified as Christians, while the second sample space was of 1,001 respondents who were not practicing Christians.  Last month, in a study of Evangelicals done by Dunham & Company and conducted by WPA Intelligence, it was found that millennials are more likely than any other generation to be actively engaged in their faith.  Rick Dunham, Founder and CEO of Dunham & Company, pointed to the findings, and emphasized that there is a false stereotype around millennials being closed minded to Christianity.

“Millennials are often believed to be disengaged in their faith, but this study shows that those who identify as Evangelicals are more engaged in their faith than other generations,” said Dunham.  The study found that 61% of Millennials attend a church service at least once a week, compared to 54% of Boomers/Matures, and 44 percent of Gen Xers.  “From church attendance, to giving, Evangelical Millennials demonstrate they are highly engaged in their faith,” Dunham pointed out.  The study surveyed 1,000 evangelicals across America, with only 53% in total saying that they attend a church service once a week.

Source: Faithwire