Over 770 medical professionals have written to all Members of the Western Australian Parliament opposing the latest push to legalise euthanasia in that state.  The letter warned them not to be persuaded by misleading research based on the Victorian state Coroner’s study of just 118 cancer patients.  The medical practitioners state that the Victorian research has been intentionally or recklessly misinterpreted to suggest that euthanasia laws would reduce self-harm and suicide among the terminally ill.  Almost half of the cases in the Victorian report claimed that it was the burden of care, not the illness itself, that was the issue.  Only 14% of the cases received palliative care.

In a press release Rev Hon Fred Nile NSW MLC and leader of the Christian Democratic Party comments: “It is obvious to those who have taken the care to investigate the study that the real issue is the provision of palliative care to those who suffer terminal illness.  Instead of directing resources to where they are needed, state policy setters are choosing to allow the vulnerable to simply die by killing themselves.  This is yet another example of the ‘death creep’ that we see washing over Australia.  The Christian Democratic Party will continue to oppose these draconian, inhuman and barbaric laws.”

Source: Compiled by APN from various sources

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