One Nation NSW leader Mark Latham has accused NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian of doing a deal with Independent Alex Greenwich prior to the election to bring the abortion debate on because she was concerned she would fall into minority government at the March state election.  Mr Latham has accused Ms Berejiklian of running the “Berejiklian-Greenwich government”.  Mr Latham said Mr Greenwich was being given a “rails run” by the government, including on introducing a private members’ bill on abortion, when other members introduced private members bills and saw them kicked off to parliamentary committees for six months or not debated.

Mr Latham said Ms Berejiklian, who has a majority of two, had given Mr Greenwich three concessions since being elected: the abortion bill, making him chair of a committee which he said was aimed at killing coal jobs and making him deputy chair of the lockout laws review committee.  He also attacked the cross-party working group which had worked on the abortion bill, saying it was led by Nationals MP Trevor Khan, who he said had been given more power than most ministers.  “Trevor Khan is like a shop steward for the leftist progressive issues of the parliament,” Mr Latham said.

He said of the prospect of a Berejiklian-Greenwich deal: “How else do you explain this convergence of the private members bill that is rammed through the parliament?  “I’m putting two and two together and getting four.  A spokesman for the premier said of Mr Latham’s claims there was a deal with Mr Greenwich: “This is completely untrue.  It did not happen.”  Before the election, Mr Greenwich and fellow Independents wrote to Ms Berejiklian with a series of demands.  After the election, where she did not mention social issues, the Premier said social issues would be her priority in this term.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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