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Recently, several media elites have called for Trump supporters to be subjected to “deprogramming” even though newly-inaugurated President Joe Biden has promised to “heal” and “unite” the American people as he governs for the next 4 years. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said that there are “millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.” Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family responded that millions of Americans were entitled to support a candidate who upheld conservative values and they didn’t need to be ‘deprogrammed’.”  The use of the term “deprogramming” is raising eyebrows because it has also been used to describe the way communist China has rounded-up millions of Muslim Uyghurs, putting them into “re-education” concentration camps with forced labour.

Georgetown University Law Professor Jonathan Turley is calling out Loretta Ross, a Smith College professor, who has gone beyond calls for “deprogramming” and likened conservatives to Nazis. She says, like the Nazis, they should be dealt with harshly, including Nuremberg-like trials and the complete eradication of the Republican Party. Instead of embracing Biden’s calls for unity, Ross, who teaches gender studies at the school, wants retaliatory action against Trump supporters in Congress, universities, and wherever they exist.”  Ross says that there should be no offer of unity to Trump supporters and the Republican Party should not continue to exist.  “Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because they passed Civil Rights laws in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence that required the National Guard to quell.

Then-President Lyndon Johnson predicted that most white people would flee the Democratic Party to join the pro-segregationist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay political movement of George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan,” Ross wrote. “Every elected Republican president since the 1960s has failed to repudiate this neo-fascist wing of their party,” she claimed. “I’m through giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt after 50 years,” Ross declared.  As Turley points out, “Ross shows no concern for free speech or academic freedom as she calls for identifying and condemning those viewed as complicit with Trump over the last four years so that they can be ‘treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II’.”  Turley warns that such views can be seen almost daily on social media and are common at universities.

“Many professors admit that they are afraid to speak out. There is a rising level of intolerance at universities. In over 30 years of teaching, I have never witnessed the level of intimidation at colleges and universities that we have today” Turley wrote. “They are afraid and I cannot blame for that fear. However, silence will come at too high a price for our colleges and our country.” Turley also noted Ross appears to have totally recoiled from Biden’s pleas for healing and unity.  “She calls for supporters to be denied jobs, media opportunities, publishing contracts, and all other opportunities. What is particularly chilling is her use of a statement from philosopher Karl Popper: ‘In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.’ Thus, intolerance of opposing viewpoints is now tolerance. It is that easy,” he concluded.

Source: CBN News