Bill Shorten’s claims that birth certificates and other legal documents will not be de-gendered under Labor are contradicted by his own written policy platform; the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has pointed out.  Managing Director, Martyn Iles said, “Bill Shorten denies his party have any plans to remove gender from birth certificates and other legal documents.  However, the ALP draft policy platform taken to the recent ALP National Conference affirmed the Yogyakarta Principles, Principal 31 of which says “States shall end the registration of the sex and gender of the person in identity documents such as birth certificates, identification cards, passports and driver licences, and as part of their legal personality.”

“ACL has been concerned about the ALP’s national platform for some time.  It is riddled with identity politics including opening the door to criminalising parents who don’t blindly facilitate their child’s chosen gender identity.  Labor’s gender agenda is clear in their policy platform and was succinctly explained by Miranda Devine in the Daily Telegraph” Iles said.  For instance there are 64 mentions of “sexual orientation”, 59 of “intersex”, 42 of “LGBTI”, 36 of “transgender”, 33 of “bisexual”, 31 of “lesbian”, 29 of “gay”, along with several mentions of transphobia, biphobia and homophobia.  “Gender” gets a whopping 138 mentions including 19 mentions of “gender identity”.

The recent National Conference of the ALP voted to remove a number of contentious sections of policy surrounding gender identity however the fear is that it was only for purposes of window dressing to avoid scrutiny prior to the election and does not reflect a permanent change in the policy direction Labor will take following the election should they win it when it is held, probably in May.

Source: Compiled by APN from various sources

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