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The unnamed man said that Jesus Christ appeared to him twice in his dreams.  “He spoke to me,” the man said confidently, “Christ rescued me.”  The man then recalled his horrifying experience with ISIS militants, explaining that he was beaten and almost burnt alive when the jihadi’s discovered that he followed Jesus.  Despite facing such a brutal attack, he came out the other side completely unscathed. “They were hitting me with big blocks on my body,” the man explained, adding that “the stones were not affecting me.” “The last time, they drenched me with 20 litres of gasoline,” he continued, “They burned me, but I didn’t burn.”

At the end of their conversation, the translator prayed for the man.  “By God, I love you guys with all my heart,” the Yazidi man responded.  “We are not afraid of the darkest places,” the film crew noted, vowing to go and share the gospel in the most dangerous places on earth.  A spokesman said, “Our team’s in Iraq right now, and the U.S. State Department just sent out a notification that said ‘All US personnel leave Iraq’ and all the NGOs left but our guys are still there.  “Everyone thought we were crazy,” he added. “Right as everyone was leaving, we came in, and because of it, we have a thriving, flourishing project there.

Source: Faithwire