Australia, and indeed the globe, has in the past 18 months suffered under some extreme weather related conditions.  The cost of these events in Australia has been very high. This is in accordance with God’s Word, and we are witnessing a degree of this Biblical prophecy in our generation. For the past two years, Hunter Region (NSW) intercessors,  have been consistently praying into the weather patterns affecting their region, with promising results. In summary, the Hunter had no damaging fires during the horrific summer of 2020 (that impacted much of the East coast), nor did it experience any significant flood/storm damage during the 2020 East coast winter storm season, or the severe March 2021 rain event that affected much of the NSW coast.  The Hunter’s water storages are also full after experiencing their lowest levels on record just 2 years ago.

Hunter weather prayer coordinator Sam Hays said: “Christians should be encouraged by this testimony of the power of prayer to protect our land from severe weather events and the negative impact of changes in the climate.  Jesus demonstrated His authority over the wind and waves in Matt 8:26 and He has given us this same authority by the power of the Holy Spirit to exercise it in our own region”.  There are many Biblical examples of believers influencing the weather, when needed. Sam believes it is time to develop a national weather prayer network with regional coordinators across Australia; working in partnership with their local prayer groups.  Sam is inviting interested Christians to be part of a team of intercessors who will implement a prayer strategy to protect our nation from future severe weather events.  If you are interested in being part of this initiative, or for more information, please contact Sam Hays at

Source: Australian Prayer Network

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