Brian and Bobbie Houston are making way for a new generation of younger leaders to take the helm of Hillsong Church. Houston, 67, said at Hillsong’s recent Vision Sunday service that he had been “doing a lot of soul-searching and praying” about the future of the church and decided it was time for change. He said the couple, who have led the church for 38 years, are “definitely not retiring” but gradually handing over the reins to others, starting with Gary and Cathy Clarke, lead pastors of Hillsong London, who will move into a global leadership role over the next two years. Houston said “The Hillsong movement has grown so rapidly it has become clear to us we need to put a whole lot more structure into what we’re doing globally. It has become “virtually impossible” and “unsustainable” for us to manage the international church by ourselves.

“I want to look at ways that we can share that load and over these next couple of years heading up to that church being 40 here,” he said. “I would like to really put in place younger leaders. Younger leaders here in Australia and younger leaders around the globe.” The decision follows a challenging time for the international Hillsong family, with its New York campus pastor, Carl Lentz, being fired last November over adultery. His ousting was followed by an internal investigation into claims of financial abuse and inappropriate sexual relationships between staff and volunteers at the New York church.  The probe closed last week with an admission of failings but the findings are not to be made public. “We’re definitely not retiring,” Houston said. “We’ll be around but I do think it’s the right time to look at a whole new season.”

Source: Christian Today Australia

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