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What if I told you that the greatest Christian missionary in the history of Iran was a devout Muslim?  You’d think I was crazy, right?  Or, at the very least, a liar.  But I’ve heard from more than one Iranian Christian over the past 20 years that the greatest missionary in the history of Iran, a history that predates Daniel in the Lions’ Den, is the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of the 1979 Islamic Revolution that ended 2,500 years of Persian monarchy in Iran.  How is it, you may ask, that a radical Shiite Muslim would be Iran’s greatest missionary for Christ?  Khomeini forced Iran’s last Shah from power and ushered in Islamic rule. He was an expert in Sharia, or Islamic law.

He put Islamic leaders in charge of the whole country.  He promised to replace corruption of the West-loving Shah with a government that would run the country according to true Islamic principles.  It would be a paradise on Earth, he said, as if Muhammad himself were running things.  Forty years later, Iranians will tell you that the promised paradise hasn’t materialized.  Rampant corruption continues under the Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The rate of drug addiction in Iran is one of the highest in the world. Iran’s economy is in a shambles, and in recent weeks Iranians have taken to the streets in protest after the government raised gas prices and enacted strict rations.

At least 200 Iranians have paid for the protests with their lives, and that number could be more than 1,000.  Remember: The Islamic government promised, and still claims, to run the country according to Islamic principles.  The Supreme Leader says he gets instructions directly from Allah.  But after 40 years, Iranians can see very clearly that the government Khomeini established doesn’t work.  So it’s no great leap for Iranians to move from “Islamic government doesn’t work” to a correlated truth: Islam doesn’t work.  By some estimates, 70% of Iran’s people have rejected Islam.

If Islam doesn’t work for a country, why would it work for an individual?  Many Iranians have become atheists.  And thousands have tried to fill the void with drugs, sex or money.  However many hundreds of thousands of Iranians have found the True God.  The One who doesn’t ask them to earn His favour by following rules, but instead paid the price Himself for their sins.  Iranians are watching Christian TV shows via illegal satellite dishes.  They are circumventing firewalls to search the internet for online Bibles in Farsi.  They are chatting with Farsi-speaking Christians in other nations, and choosing to leave the failed religion of their national leaders and instead embrace Jesus Christ.

Source: by Todd Nettleton from Christian Post