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It has been widely acknowledged that Donald Trump became US President in 2016 thanks, in part, to the sizable support he received from white evangelical Christians in the US.  Polls have indicated Donald Trump has consistently been rated more favourably by people identifying that way than the wider US population.  Bishop Efraim, who leads a 600 million-strong global membership, said it was important Republican politics does not become perceived as synonymous with evangelical Christianity.  The heart of evangelical Christianity is “the Good News”, he said.

Bishop Efraim continued: “That’s unfortunate that, in the United States in particular, the word ‘evangelical’ and the evangelical movement is identified more as for political advocacy rather than the demonstration or proclamation of the Gospel.”  Urging people not to stop using the term “evangelical”, Bishop Efraim added: “Politics will pass by but the historicity of the evangelical movement, the meaning and what it stands for will outlast any political season.  “Let’s continue upholding that word ‘evangelical’, true to its meaning, ensuring that we are about the Gospel.”

Source: Premier News Service