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Disney has confirmed its new cartoon series about witchcraft will feature a lead character who is openly bisexual. The series about a 14-year-old Dominican-American girl named Luz Noceda, who has, in the show’s latest episodes, expressed romantic interests in female characters. The series follows Luz’s journey to another world, where she is learning to become a witch. In the two episodes in question, Amity, a reoccurring female character, reveals her intentions to ask Luz to a prom dance. Dana Terrace, the series’ creator, stated via Twitter she has long intended to feature “queer kids” in the cast of “The Owl House,” though Disney was initially opposed to the idea. Eventually, she explained, her “stubbornness paid off” and now she is “very supported by current Disney leadership.”

This is certainly not the first time the entertainment world has used a show branded for young viewers to push an pro-LGBT agenda. Netflix recently released “The Baby-Sitters Club,” featuring a transgender character named Bailey, played by Kai Shappley, a 9-year-old transgender girl from Texas. Shappley’s birth name was Joseph. The streaming service promoted the show by highlighting a scene in which one of the other characters, Mary Anne, rushes Bailey to the hospital, where a nurse and doctor “misgender” Shappley’s character. In the scene Mary Anne sternly tells the medical workers, “If you look at her and not her chart, Bailey is not a boy. And by treating her like one, you are completely ignoring who she is. She continued, “from here on out, please recognize her for who she is. And if at all possible, could you find me a non-blue hospital gown?”

Source: Faithwire