Over the past decade, a growing sense of unease has been felt by an increasing number of Australians about the direction in which our country has been heading.  Our country has been slowly drifting further and further away from our mainstream values and freedoms.  This has occurred not because of any single momentous event, but rather through a series of incremental changes pushed through by the left-wing activists without the peoples permission or say-so. Today, that stops.  They now have a voice to take back control according to Gerard Benedet the national director of Advance Australia.

This steady shift to the left can be witnessed in any number of policy areas from energy and education through to the corrosive effects of identity politics on our national debate.  Inch by inch, the left has steadily made gains while mainstream Australia has been left voiceless.  For over a decade our country has drifted off course.  The common sense basics we take for granted, like freedom of speech, free markets, smaller government, family values and community ethics, have been slowly replaced.  In their place is the politics of race, class culture, power, gender and victimhood.

There is a growing force of cultural elites, foreign money and left wing activists who are dictating our political and social environment.  At first the effects don’t seem that important, but over time, drastic and decisive action is required in order to get the aircraft back on course.  Mainstream values have been the foundation of Australia’s growth and development as a western liberal democracy.  Our forefathers’ steadfast pursuit of mainstream values has brought us to where we are today, a strong, safe and free nation.  Until recently, the centre-right of Australian politics, with the help of the silent majority, has successfully defended these foundations.

This is no longer the case.  A recent survey of Australians found that only 16% of Australians think it is better today than it was 10 years ago.   We’re being over-governed and Australians aren’t able to get ahead due to rising living costs and stagnant wages.  Our federal debt continues to blow out, robbing future generations of the opportunities we enjoyed.  Political correctness is everywhere we turn and little kids are being taught radical gender theories, undermining family values.  We’re told we should be ashamed of our history and our traditions.  More and more Australians are envious of others and their wealth and want it to be taken and redistributed by government.

It’s time to act.  Mainstream values, like the fair go for everyone, are under threat.  And no one in Canberra is able to stop them.   Advance Australia is a movement for the mainstream that will harness the power of new technologies to mobilise Australians to defend our shared values.  Over the past ten years we’ve learned that we cannot simply leave it up to politicians to defend our freedoms.  If we do not make a stand now, we will see another ten years like the last.  It’s time to take back control and make sure your voice is heard.

Compiled by APN from media reports

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