In an overwhelming display of support, Australian Christian organisations have pledged their commitment to the Prime Minister to help with the nation’s recovery. An alliance of Christian community organisations has pledged to help those most in need in a post-COVID world. The organisations have released a joint letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The letter vows a commitment to working with government, individuals and communities as they battle the social and economic challenges brought on by COVID-19. The organisations include Mission Australia, Catholic Social Services, Anglicare and World Vision Australia. “We write to express our commitment as Christian leaders and Australian citizens to support, in a spirit of faith, hope, and love, in the sustaining and recovery of communities across the country,” the letter reads.

The letter, which was handed to the Prime Minister, was welcomed by both sides of politics. Labor leader Anthony Albanese addressed the Christian organisations during a reading of the letter at Parliament House.  “So many roads lead to the parable of the Good Samaritan, what is the lesson that Jesus teaches us in it?” Mr Albanese said. “It is that we shouldn’t walk past those who are in need or suffering. That our care for others should be neither conditional nor transactional. That is the lesson that can light the path that lies before us.” Citing the two World Wars and the Great Depression, CEO of Mission Australia James Toomey said that Australian Christian community organisations have always been at the forefront of restoration in the wake of crises. He vowed it will be no different this time.

“We are committed to rolling up our sleeves, supporting our communities and working together through these challenging times so that everyone is included in the recovery ahead,” Toomey said. The letter pledges to help those most affected by the ravages of the pandemic: “To walk alongside those who struggle with the anxiety of unemployment, to teach skills and train in ways that enable fulfilling and life-affirming work.” The CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia Dr Ursula Stephens said that faith-based organisations provide “more than half” of all welfare services in Australia. “We recognise the vital role we can all play in restoration in response to the impacts of COVID-19,” Dr Stephens said. We look forward to discussing with Government where the areas of greatest need lie and how we can best work together in the recovery ahead.”

Source: Hope 103.2

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